Urban Car Care

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Our quality of services is reflected in our popularity

Urban Car Care (UCC) is a car detailing company, specializing in car nano coating, expert in cleaning, paint restoration and keeping your vehicles safe from external harmful exposures. We work consistently to give you the best experience of car detailing.

Urban Car Care came up with this concept in 2016. The idea behind its inception is to provide the best detailing services for every kind of vehicle. Your fancy ride, when exposed to external influences like UltraViolet Radiation, Acid Rain, Bird droppings, Paint, Tar, Mud etc, starts to fade away. The brand new gloss rarely lasts, the paint wears off and the vehicle starts to look older.

Urban Car Care

Our work process

To make your car look new always, it is imperative to protect the painted surface with an advanced detailing and paint protection coat which is nano tech 9H Ceramic Coating. It guarantees paint restoration, factory finish look, high gloss, scratch resistance, mud-repellence, hydrophobicity, chemical-resistance (acid/alkaline).
Through our services we are introducing a whole new concept of car and bike detailing which is enduring and economical.
To ensure our customers are satisfied and happy, we make sure to use best in class products and provide services that are pocket friendly. Our quality of services is reflected in our popularity with our customers and their feedback.

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