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Busting The Myths of Ceramic Coating for Car: What You Need to Know?

Busting The Myths of Ceramic Coating for Car: What You Need to Know?

Ceramic coating is one of the most popular techniques used for maintaining the exterior of cars. It protects paint and maintains the appearance of the vehicle. As it has gained so much importance, so have the myths and misconceptions about ceramic coatings on cars. This blog is going to do the work of busting the myths and give you crystal-clear information. We will also touch on the price of the car ceramic coating and compare it to other options like paint protection film for car, etc.


What is Ceramic Coating for a Car?

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer applied to the external part of a car. It chemically bonds with the factory paintwork to create a protective layer. Now, in addition, there are several other benefits to this coating:


  •  It increases gloss,

  •  It protects the car from UV, and

  •  It provides surface protection for the car against small scratches and chemical marks.

ceramic coating for car

Myths of Car Ceramic Coating 


Myth 1: Ceramic Coating is a One-Time Application – The ceramic coating for a car requires maintenance and periodic reapplication to keep its protective qualities. They can last a longer time with regular washing compared to simple waxes. But periodic inspections are recommended to keep their durability.


Myth 2: Ceramic Coating Makes Your Vehicle Scratch-Proof – Other myths say that ceramic coating makes the car scratch-proof. Ceramic coatings do give protection against light scratches and swirl marks, although they are by no means scratch-proof. One can find oneself deep scratch and significant abrasion. For this purpose, again, techniques are to be dealt with in safe washing.


Myth 3: Ceramic Coating is a Permanent SolutionThe ceramic coating is going to make many people feel like a one-time application can be done, and is for a lifetime. While the ceramic coatings are very long and very strong, they are not permanent. They degrade through environmental factors, washing, and general wear of the coating. Still, it is possible that if the coating is maintained properly, it provides consistent protection and shine.


Myth 4: Ceramic Coating Is Applicable by Anyone – The application of the product requires great skill and precision for the application of ceramic coating. Although DIY kits are available in the market, you cannot do it properly without proper training. A bad application will result in uneven coverage, and streaking, and reduce the effectiveness of the product. Professional detailers have experience and the appropriate equipment for applying the product in a uniform and effective pattern. But this increases the car ceramic coating price.


Myth 5: All Ceramic Coatings Are the Same – Not all ceramic coatings are created equal. They reside in different product classes, all with different qualities and strengths. In general, professional products will give better protection and longevity than what most DIY can achieve. That said, spending on a reputable brand and having it professionally applied will take your results to a new level.


Myth 6: Ceramic Coating Will Hide All Imperfections – One of the greatest fallacies is that the ceramic paint will hide all the minor imperfections in the paint. However, the truth is that a ceramic coat just improves the existing paint surface. Correction of paint should therefore be done before coating to have that perfect finish.

ceramic coating for car

Is the Car Ceramic Coating Price Worth the Money?

The car ceramic coating price can greatly vary, from the lowest premium brand to the highest in quality. In general, from professional application, this ranges from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand. This might seem to be very expensive for quite a period. But the long-term benefits and protection accrued from it justify the investment. Knowing the price and waxing frequency, possible correction of paint, and ceramic coating might be cost cut in the long run.


Ceramic Coating vs Paint Protection for Cars: A Detailed Comparison

Many vehicle owners are asking the question of whether they should apply ceramic coating to their vehicles or paint protection film. Both offer great protection but in their own way. Ceramic coating is glossy, has hydrophobic properties, and can resist small scratches. Protection film offers much better protection against chips in the paint, road debris, and deeper scratches. The PPF is also self-healing; minor scratches will go away with the application of heat. For the best of both worlds, some car owners will put PPF on high-impact areas and then ceramic coat the rest of the vehicle.


Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Car

Despite the myths, here are a few benefits that come with ceramic coating:


  • UV Protection: Protects from UV rays that cause paint oxidation and fading.

  • Easy to Clean: It repels dirt, water, and contaminants, making it easier to wash.

  • Gloss Enhancing: A depth mirror-like shine.

  • Chemical resistance: Protects from unwanted chemicals and other contaminants.

  • Minor Scratch Resistance: This will endure minor scratching and swirl marks.

Ceramic coating can protect your car from the outside and give it a deep glossy appearance.  But it is possible if done properly by the experts. You can connect with us at Urban Car Care to get professional ceramic coating services.